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Accommodations on Mackinac Island

When I go to Mackinac Island in the summer, I usually am at a cottage with a couple of friends.It keeps my vacation spending to a minimum. Everyone is looking for something different when they go on vacation.This post is for those of you interested in places to stay around the island.

If you are like me and want to save some money, or if you like having lots of space, you can rent a cottage. Like any other vacation spot, prices depend on the size of the place and its proximity to desirable locations. The closer to the beach or downtown you get, the more you are going to shell out. The same goes for amenities. You can try big websites like or Airbnb. We haven’t had much luck there, so for someplace as small as Mackinac I don’t really suggest it. Instead, try a specialty realtor. My friends and I usually take a look on Mackinac Resorts to see what’s available. They have a good selection there on everything from rental condos and cottages to more traditional rooms or bed and breakfasts. We have also stayed in St. Ignace and taken the ferry over to the island when we want to go there. Plus then you have somewhere for your car. It can be cheaper that way but it really depends on the place you stay.

Of course, there are also hotels on the island. My very favorite is the Grand Hotel. It has the longest front porch in the world. It’s just gorgeous. The hotel is an integral part of Mackinac Island and is a great home base when there is a festival. When there’s nothing on the schedule for the island, there is still plenty to do at there. Personally, I like to grab some ice cream at Sadie’s and enjoy the views! They also host an afternoon tea and dancing nightly. A lot of the charm in Mackinac is that timeless, classic feel. The Grand Hotel is a big part of that. With nearly 400 rooms, you may go there every year and never stay in the same one twice!Another option, downtown this time, is the Hotel Iroquois. It is much smaller than the Grand Hotel and just as beautiful! I like it there as well because they have some great lighthouse views. If thoseare too fancy for you, there are plenty of other inns and hotels on the island. You have to book it kind of early because there are only like three rooms, but the Village Inn is a pretty great place to stay. You’re right there in downtown and you are above a nice place to eat. We have stayed there a time or two and it has worked out well. I don’t even usually miss the air conditioner. The Pontiac Lodge is another good option and it is larger. Plus some of the rooms have jacuzzi tubs!

I’m no travel agent, so I’ll stop there. But if you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them. My budget kind of dictates where I stay but I certainly love exploring the island so I can always try to check out anything you are interested in the next time I am there.