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Avoiding Winter Skin Damage

I am outside a lot riding my horse and I am not going to give up this practice just because it is cold. I don’t want to become a prisoner of my own home. Sure, the indoor heating is nice, but it dries out my skin so badly. I spend a fortune on lotions and creams. Come summer I switch to sunscreen and moisturizer alone. Meanwhile I am fighting the effects of the dry air caused by the heating system. I don’t want to get wrinkled because of this so I am opting for the best humidifier I can find. They are not air purifiers. That is a different gadget. So is a dehumidifier which pulls moisture out of the air when it is humid. A humidifier plain and simple emits moisture by contrast. If your sinuses hurt, you may need this wonderful appliance. It helps most everyone.

I am buying a medium size unit so it covers the entire house and I don’t need to put one in every room as I do with a space heater. You fill the tank with water (you can get them up to a gallon) and watch this marvel work. Your skin should feel better in a day or two. You can use lighter weight creams as a result and the wrinkles will be kept at bay. I love to give out advice on practical issues, especially if I can attest to the efficacy of what I suggest. I use the humidifier for at least a couple of hours each day. Most of the time this is enough. The device is energy efficient and saves money on utilities, which is characteristic of new models these days of anything from a toaster oven to a blender. It is always about the environment and saving our dwindling resources. I am not a nut about ecology, but frankly, if they wanted to do away with cars and have people ride horses, I would be the first. I could adapt in a second. Did I mention that I already have a divine equine creature?

My friends have been commenting that my face looks nice. They say my skin texture is smooth and silky. I credit my trusty humidifier for this effect. If it breaks down, I am in trouble; but it won’t happen as I got a top appliance. I suggest that anyone with a similar problem gives it a try. You will be pleasantly surprised. Speaking of saving money, you won’t have to buy all those creams. Even if you aren’t on a budget, why not save if you can in principal. I hear that you can get a used humidifier that is only a year old at some hardware and appliance stores. This is recycling in an area that you would not expect. If new is the only type you want there are many brands like Crane, Vornado, Dyson, Aircare, and more. Some are ultrasonic and some have an evaporative console. It is all about price.