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Biking Around Mackinac

I love my mountain bike. I can hit the trails at home or I can take it with me to Mackinac Island on one of my seasonal visits. I love the scenery and the views of the lake. You can’t beat the verdant greenery and the quaint architecture. No wonder it is a major Michigan tourist attraction. I prefer biking to a boat ride any day, but the latter is most common. You can’t drive a car so you better think about your method of transportation. For me it is the bike. You can take it anywhere there is a road or some kind of access. I like dirt trails as much as paved. I want to explore the island and each time I go, I find something different. It is fun to go with a friend with whom you can share meals, long talks, walks, and adventure. People ask me, where are you going on vacation this summer and I inevitably answer, Mackinac Island.

You can take your bike on the ferry or you can rent one when you get there. It is easy as so many shops sell and rent them out. Biking as you can imagine is super popular given that no cars are allowed. If you are not a bike aficionado, you will soon be after a day outside in the sunshine. I can spend hours touring the island, stopping only for a rest at lunch. I either take something with me or try a local café. I don’t mind playing tourist so I attend yacht races and festivals—anything special that is scheduled. It all makes for great picture taking. Check out my account on Instagram. It is loaded with images of this magical place. Island life is unique and only a few of us get to try it. I have been going since I was a child. In fact, I learned to ride horses here. It inspired me to get my own as an adult.

A mountain bike is an all-around good choice but you can rent any kind you are used to and like. I want something reliable, easy to fix, and comfortable. The seat is the most important culprit in making you sore. I don’t want anything to cut into my day and prompt me to stop riding and go back to the hotel. I do like to walk around so it wouldn’t be a tragedy. There is a lot to see on the island. You can wander the residential neighborhoods, stroll the main streets in town, and chat with the locals. We all share a love of the island.

While biking in town, I discovered the most wonderful candy store. I stopped to check out the fudge, my favorite sugary confection. They had at least thirty kinds. It was tough, but I settled only for rock road. It was a great snack and I didn’t mind the calories as I had burned up a couple hundred already that morning.