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Heating Bill Got You Down?

Do you open your utility bill and cringe? I do. I am so concerned about the cost of energy from an environmental point of view and also for my own budget. So what can you do? I can tell you right now that you can take control of your environment and save yourself some money. Just think of all the things you can do with the excess. I can go back to Mackinac Island, my favorite haunt. I have a travel bug when it comes to this scenic place. It is a great place to ride horses, even a carriage (no cars allowed on the island), participate in water recreation, and eat great local food. I am going to do something about the high cost of heating my home right now. You may have your own methods and I have mine. The first thing I do is wear proper clothing. You can’t expect to beat the cold in shorts and a tank top. I wear sweats and change from work attire as soon as I get home. I do not turn the heater on. If it is freezing out and you must, do not leave it on all day. You will have a whopper of a bill.

You can have a few throw blankets around the house. Put one on the sofa and one on your bed. If they are wool, they really work, plus they are so cozy. I also wear comfy lined slippers, drink hot chocolate at night, and use a space heater. They don’t cost much, are portable and light weight, and they will surely save you enough money to offset their cost in a few months. You can get the size you need according to the space to be heated. They work fast so you can turn them on only when you are home. I have three to meet my winter needs. One is a small countertop size that fits on my desk next to the laptop. It warms my hands and face. Next I keep a larger one in the living room when I have guests. I can move it to the kitchen whenever I want. Usually the oven takes care of this room as I prepare dinner. The last one goes in the bedroom and stays on while I sleep. It keeps me toasty warm. I have set it to automatically shut off after four hours or you may dry the room out. I can breathe better without it on all night. I can take it to the bathroom in the morning to heat up this tiny room as I get dressed and ready to go out.

A space heater is a godsend if you are sensitive to cold and don’t have, or want to use, your central heating system. Just look at the last couple of winter time bills and it will be easy to decide. I want to cut those bills in half. I am getting there each month.