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Horse Quilt Creation

When it comes to horses, I’ve always been a fan. I guess you could say that everyone has their animal to adore and this is mine. Every year, I like to go to Mackinac Island for the Festival of the Horse. It’s a fun time and I like the feel of the island so it’s a great excuse to get away.

This year, I was particularly blown away by what I can do with my sewing machine. I’ve become great at a lot of sewing related projects. I thought that I would turn my love of horses into a fun passion project. I’ve been slaving by my sewing machine, but I’ve finally done it. I’ve created a beautiful horse quilt.

When the nights get chilly, I like to bring out a blanket to keep me warm. I love to have my beautiful sewing creations on display, so this year I thought I’d bring my quilt along. Not only will it keep me warm, but it will show my love of the festival. To me, this is a win-win type of situation.

You probably don’t even know how much time I put into this quilt. Quilting is even more specialized than many sewing projects. You are working with small squares. The small portions of fabric though can be chosen with a lot of meaning. I wanted to have mine completely with horse fabric from all over. I would order in bits of fabric from stores online as well.

Compiling the fabric was quite a hunt for me. It took me a while to get everything that I needed. I had to go to lots of fabric stores in my city. It was an exhaustive search. The ladies in a few of them started to recognize me. I would tell them about my project. It was an exciting time.

Ultimately, I enjoy my hunts a great deal. They give me a treasure at the end to work with as well. I found that I wasn’t particular about a color scheme, so my blanket is really a mixture of everything in terms of chromatics. This makes it rich and lively though, so I am not complaining.

When I set about on this adventure, I wasn’t quite sure where it would lead me. I just was feeling creative and wanting to explore where this would take me. I’m glad though that I gave it a good shot. It led me to a place where I had a sense of pride in my accomplishment.

It’s good to explore your hobbies a little further and take it to the next level, I concluded. With this stamina, I hope to continue my momentum and go forward to new pursuits. I hope everyone at the festival likes my blanket. I worked really hard on it, so it would be nice to get a few compliments. I don’t think I’d use it as a picnic blanket though. It’s a bit too precious for that.